Project: Light Cloud

Light Cloud Interactive Sculpture

Glazer Children’s Museum

Museum EXP administered all aspects of this grant-funded interactive art installation from issuing the RFP to onsite supervision of installation. The finished sculpture fulfills the project goal of creating an eye-catching signature sculpture that captivates visitors.

Artist Ivan Toth Depeña created an artistic concept that represents the swirling winds of tropical storms that frequently impact the daily lives of Tampa Bay residents. Through touch sensors, visitors can manipulate the sculpture, triggering musical tones and streams of colored light within the arms of the sculpture. The colors have an additive effect creating thousands of variations of mixing colors responsive to the choices of visitors.

light cloud interactive sculpture
light cloud art meets science content graphic
light cloud view from above
light cloud sculpture at night
child interacting with light-up interactive touch panels
prototyping light elements and checking out fabrication samples
light cloud touch panel kiosk and sculpture
light cloud control software

Why this project excites us:

We love projects that include interactivity, art, and science! This one checks a lot of boxes for us.


Ivan Toth Depeña Studio
McKenzie Fabrication
Hillsborough County


500 square feet


Grant Management
Project Management
Owner’s Representation