Project: Inventioneer’s Lab

Inventioneer’s Lab

Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

Museum EXP contributed to the development of a 2,500 square-foot renovation project that converted under-utilized classrooms into a maker space, classroom, and event space. The project involved extensive construction buildout and expanded the museum’s indoor exhibition space by ten percent. A combination of stand-alone interactive exhibits, art installations, and facilitated experiences empowers makers of all ages.

In addition to project management, Museum EXP worked closely with Programs staff to concept four seasonal program rotations, prototype equipment and activities, and plan staffing and operations.

making art with loose parts including nuts and bolts
a collaborative art sculpture where visitors can attach features to a wooden robot with magnets or practice using a drill or wrench.
guests practice using tools like hand-powered drills and hammers on scrap wood
activities for all ages and abilities help to practice dexterity
A guest creates a wooden vehicle out of pre-cut blocks, wheels, and bolts.
making art with loose parts on a magnetic software with hardware
Guests can use a real drill press.

Why this project excites us:

We enjoyed the challenge of creating a space that blends stand-alone exhibits and facilitated program activities.


Gates Construction
HLevel Architecture
Josie Presar Design
Wentworth Designs


2,500 square feet


Grant Writing
Owner’s Representation
Project Management
Experience Development
Program Integration