Project: Honda Meet the Innovators

Meet the Innovators of Honda R&D

Client: Center of Science & Industry, Columbus, OH

This project was a collaborative effort between COSI’s design and fabrication team together with engineers from Honda of America Research & Development. The project showcases automotive
engineering and design and highlights real STEAM career development pathways.

Using hands-on exhibits, video interviews, and detailed models, visitors get an inside view of many aspects of this high tech field. Visitors can experience a crash test simulation, a virtual ATV ride, and experiments with hydrodynamics using a working wind tunnel.

How this project excites us:

We can’t get enough of working with industry experts and learning about the work that excites them. Our superpower is in figuring out how to distill that information and excitement into compelling and engaging experiences.


COSI Design, Fabrication &
Tech Studio
Honda of America R&D
Past Foundation


1,500 square feet


Interpretive Planning
Experience Development
Interactive Development
Project Management
A/V Integration