ASTC Traveling Exhibition Report – April 2021

While we’re all feeling the effects of the pandemic, its impact has hit the museum industry particularly hard. At Museum EXP, we’re trying to do our part to help out our clients and museum colleagues—helping to move exhibitions, provide advice, or just lend an ear and send a virtual hug. Another way we’re trying to help is by sharing knowledge with the industry through our Traveling Exhibition Reports. These are often a quick and helpful read to learn about new exhibits and find out what’s new and trending at museums across the country.

We’ve added some new helpful insights in this version of our report. We’ve found that traveling exhibition bookings are down significantly (from 21.6% to 15.1%) since our November 2020 report—and nearly 30% of ASTC member museums are still closed to the public, but that number has dropped slightly from 32% in November. This information comes primarily from the museum websites and errors are possible. Please send any corrections to

We hope you’ll find this report helpful as you plan for your 2021 programming. Keep an eye out for a new ACM Traveling Exhibition Report, which is scheduled to be released soon!

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