Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition to Premiere at Franklin Institute

Museum EXP is delighted to publicly announce the upcoming opening of Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition at The Franklin Institute in February 2021. Museum EXP serves as the Creative Producer and Project Manager by coordinating all facets of this experience, including: design, content, media, A/V, and fabrication on behalf of Agency808 and Innov8ive Exhibitions.

Agency808’s Clayton Ferguson, explains, “the driving force of Crayola IDEAworks is to equip kids with a deeper sense of their own creativity and the problem-solving skills they will use throughout their lives. We’re aligning the power of the Crayola brand with the creative process.”

This project builds on Museum EXP’s extensive experience in developing and touring traveling exhibitions. Crayola IDEAworks combines the best of experiences based on education outcomes with compelling, immersive, and engaging hands-on inquiry-based interactives.

“We’re proud of our work on this project to create unique and fun experiences that have educational and scientific concepts at their core,” says Museum EXP Principal, John Shaw.

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